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CG City Wizard - Wizard is the beginning (1)

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Master Zi Ling

1. Sketch drawing and handling

To Draw a CG, we must be very clear what to say. Is a prominent figure? Or describe the scenery? Or some freehand sketch ... ... and then in the form of a fuzzy mind the overall picture, and according to the screen in the map sketch. In the sketches were various considerations before, not a pen to draw where is where. These considerations include: the subject of the screen; picture composition; picture of the atmosphere; all kinds of objects, materials and so on.
The following is our interpretation of the concept sketch screen:

Step (1) the role of setting

Type: Fantasy visual system.
People: Elf Female (magician)

Scene: Wizard Valley (including the Wizard Tower and Goblin cave)

Character set: character head cap screw shell is made of the huge mountain, the rich luster and texture; body clothing as cotton (cotton) texture; skirt hem a bit to add some leather materials to reflect changes in every detail; knife sheath, leather shoes are made of mountain animals, rough in texture with leather; armbands, necklaces, knife handles and all the special magic wand system of metal; chest Pearl of the evil gem, sapphire wand before Thanksgiving (Restoration), followed by red magic stone (Wizard wizard with the attack and recovery (treatment) two kinds of magic); clothing can be set, here is the performance of medieval magic era clothing.

Environmental setting: external distance is snow-capped mountains, bathed in morning sunlight. Wizard tower and a bridge to connect between holes (the wizard is the wizard tower and prayers morning to learn magic place to live in caves).

Theme: Wizard is a dynamic race, before the girls reach the summit in the study magic, see the morning sun shining wizard Valley has not regained consciousness, everything appears to flourish, his face showing without anybody touching smile. She liked the quiet life and this morning full of hope.

Figure 3-153 pencil sketch

Step (2) composition

This is a good draft plan has been drawn (as shown in Figure 3-153), individuals have the basic meaning of which is embodied in the. This is the beginning steps in the composition of the time to carefully fine composition, try to look as good balance (It is worth mentioning that the picture would have been no birds, and is later taken into account was added to the composition). The basic composition is complete, detailed images depict clear gradually, so that the basic content of the screen and realize their intentions (the atmosphere of the most important process will be completed in color). This step is the most basic, is also very important. Because the draft is the beginning of a CG life, so be very careful when doing sketches, as far as possible, when put in the sketch mapping and expression of a clear object structure, if to consider changes color when it is up and is very troublesome.

Step (3)

In order to reflect the style of the original paintings, sketches the line of draft, can do too careful handling (of course, and each person's individual style related). Ready to paint before the first sketch scanned into the computer. Open Photoshop, click 銆怓ile銆?脿 銆怬pen銆?(shortcut key: Ctrl + O), open the scanned document draft. Then click 銆怚mage銆?脿 銆愩? 脿 銆怉djustments Brightness / Contrast銆?(as shown in Figure 3-154), the coefficient銆?銆怋rightness slider transferred to +15, Contrast銆?銆恈oefficient slider transferred +40 ( as shown in Figure 3-155), opened the screen contrast, so we will find the pencil sketch contours become very clear, some very fuzzy lines disappear, this is the result we want. Of course, this step of processing is very simple, as far as possible reflect the spirit of the principles of authentic picture, we do not Photoshop on the line for further processing.

Note: The color of the time we will find light and heavy weight lines on the screen of the color effect will have some impact, so color, we will further deal with its.

Figure 3-154 call up the brightness / contrast dialog box

Figure 3-155 adjust the brightness and contrast

2. Screen color (add brilliant color to the wizard Valley)

The world because of the color and beautiful. Painter in the computer can give CG Life. Painter's brush can reproduce oil paintings, watercolors, fiber and watercolor effects; also can use all the brushes to create other realities of artistic effect (through the brush on the properties of the various adjustments to customize the brush). In order to Goblin Valley, the majestic depicted the atmosphere, the way we will use hand-drawn angry wizard Valley and the level, it will be a very complex and interesting process, but also familiarity with our software and a challenge to art accumulation of knowledge . Well, here we go.

Note: color, you'd better prepare a stylus, so very easy to play in the Painter in the largest variety of brush properties, get the best computer hand-painted. If you are interested in CG or computer to its as a career, I would like pen will give you a very big help.

2.1 The selection and setting brush

Step (1)

Now we need to determine what we will brush to draw. Here we have chosen is the most common paint brush, but have to make some adjustments to its parameters.


Click銆?銆怲ool Brushes銆?銆怭anel option, select銆?銆怶ater color, and select to its most common variant銆?銆怱imple Water (as shown in Figure 3-156).

Figure 3-156 Select the basic variant of watercolor銆?銆怱imple Water

Step (2)

In the Brush Controls銆?in 銆怬pen
銆怱ize銆?option to Min Size銆?銆恡ransferred to 23%銆?銆怱ize Step transferred to 5% (as shown in Figure 3-157).

Figure 3-157 adjustment brush attributes

Step (3)

In order to reflect personal style, we will use the heavy brush to reflect the level before and after pictures. We 銆怌ontrols: Brush Opacity銆?銆愩? panel will be transferred to 100% (as shown in Figure 3-158), so that the transparency of the brush to reach the minimum.

Figure 3-158 to set the transparency of the brush (Opacity) size

Note: opaque watercolor is the most common kind of brush, if you want to show the thick screen, you can select it. It can show the effect of watercolor or oil painting, but also more difficult to grasp.

Step (4)

Open 銆怓ile銆?銆怬pen銆?Panel click open the processed draft (as shown in Figure 3-159).

Figure 3-159 Select to open the draft document

Step (5)

The following are open plan (as shown in Figure 3-160).

Figure 3-160 in the Painter interface pencil sketch

Step (6)

In order to painting on canvas painting from time to time feel that we are to produce images of shading.

Art Materials in the 銆愩? 銆怭apers銆?open panel option and option in its properties, click 銆怣ake Paper ...銆?option (as shown in Figure 3-160).

Figure 3-160 manufacturing shading screen

Step (7)

Will be transferred to 3.15銆?銆怱pacing, click 銆怬K銆?(as shown in Figure 3-161). Well, ready to work well, then we will start to color the sketch.

Figure 3-161 adjust the size of shading of the lines


銆??姝ゅ锛岃繕搴旀敞鎰忕殑鏄紝鍦≒ainter涓粠Photoshop閲屽甫鍏ョ殑鑽夊浘绾匡紝閮戒細琚粯璁や负閾呯瑪绾挎潯锛岀敤姘村僵鐢荤瑪浣滅敾鏃讹紝灏嗕笉褰卞搷杩欎簺绾挎潯銆傛按褰╁拰閾呯瑪鐨勭殑娓呴櫎宸ュ叿鏄篃鍒嗗紑鐨勶紝鍥犳鎴戜滑鍦ㄤ竴涓浘灞備笂浣滅敾锛屽嵈浼氬緱鍒板湪涓や釜鍥惧眰涓婁綔鐢荤殑鏁堟灉銆?br />


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